Why does the Album/Artist I’m searching for not return any results?

Wax River has an extensive catalogue of records and we are constantly expanding. The record you are searching for may be out of print, or we just haven't got it in the system yet! Please let us know if you think we are missing something and if possible we'll add it in!

I’ve found a store that sells this album for a better price. Why isn’t it listed on Wax River?

Wax River is committed to expanding our offerings. If there is a store that you would like to see on our website, please get in contact!

I don't live in Australia, can Wax River help me get the best prices?

Wax River's prices integrate the shipping cost of getting records to Australia, and the prices displayed are in Australian dollars. Because of this, if you live outside of Australia the prices will not be correct. The good news is we are planning to expand worldwide! If you'd like to be updated on which countries we expand to next, drop us a line on the contact page!

How do I find the best overall price for a list of albums?

Wax River is a unique shopping comparison system that enables you to build a ‘cart’ of records that you wish to buy. Our technology will calculate the best overall price to your door. To do so, add your items to your cart, navigate to the view cart page, and click ‘Get Best Price!’.

Can I purchase directly through Wax River?

Wax River is a vehicle that assists in finding the best prices for vinyl worldwide. We will direct you to stores with the best prices, and you will need to complete your purchase using their checkout systems.

Am I able to search for Second Hand Albums?

Wax River specialises in new and re-issued records, and we do not display prices for second hand vinyl. However, to maximise your shopping experience, we have provided a link on each record's page to where you can find quality second-hand listings on Discogs.